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Upcoming Seminar Series

The Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is sponsoring a Seminar Series on a wide variety of economic topics. Economists from across the country and around the world are invited to participate.

Unless otherwise noted, seminars will be held in the "Ted Balbach Conference Room" (formerly Research Conference Room), Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, at the corner of Broadway and Locust Street, St. Louis, MO. Seminars held at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis are open to the public. If you wish to attend, you must call Sandra Butler at (314) 444-8591 at least 24 hours in advance. All attendees are required to go though a security screening and will be asked to show a picture ID.

Questions or suggestions should be directed to David Wiczer ( or YiLi Chien (

2017 Seminar Series

Mon, Oct 23 12:00pm
Speaker: Roberto Fattal Jaef, The World Bank
Host: Fernando Leibovici
"Entry Barriers, Misallocation, and the Firm Size Distribution"

Tue, Oct 24 12:00pm
Speaker: Bariş Kaymak, Université de Montréal
Host: B. Ravikumar
"The Cyclical Behavior of Job Quality and Real Wage Growth"

Wed, Oct 25 12:00pm
Speaker: Javier Cravino, University of Michigan
Host: Fernando Leibovici
"The Cyclical Behavior of Job Quality and Real Wage Growth"

Thu, Nov 02 12:00pm
Speaker: William Dupor, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Tue, Nov 14 12:00pm
Speaker: Christopher Neely, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Wed, Nov 15 12:00pm
Speaker: Manuel Santos, University of Miami
Host: Carlos Garriga

Thu, Nov 16 12:00pm
Speaker: Veronica Guerrieri, University of Chicago
Host: Juan Sanchez

2018 Seminar Series

Fri, Mar 09 12:00pm *
Speaker: Christopher Flinn, New York University
Host: Maximiliano Dvorkin

Tue, Mar 20 12:00pm
Speaker: Kerem Cosar, University of Virginia
Host: Fernando Leibovici

*Labor Workshop Seminar, joint with the Department of Economics, Washington University in St. Louis. These seminars will take place at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Past Seminars

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